We’ve seen enough of this last year and now we’re onto more positive things in our lessons.

brandoll portilloSABAS QUINONESZOMBIE MM 1mannytoloza.Divia.Jimenez.zombieThis was a great project for my seniors.  They couldn’t get enough of turning themselves into Zombies!  Putting them all up the wall had a great impact on my them when they saw all the others.  Laughing, amazement, and ah hah moments abounded!

Graphic Design and Digital Media Syllabus

Arty is an Artosaurus from the Post Modern Period. He happily gives art advice whenever asked.

Graphic Design & Digital Imaging


Mr. Middlebrook

Fall Semester 2012 

Week 1:  Course Introduction – Procedures, Expectations

Drawing Exercises:  Makin’ Bacon

Week 2/3:  Elements of Design & Principles of Art

Lecture, Drawing Exercises – Lines, Shapes, Perspective

Handouts: Design Elements & Art Principals

Design Project TBA

            Book Cover Design – Start reading!

Assign computers & Photoshop – Introduction

Week 4:  FIDM Presentation

Graphic assignment

Week 5:  Values & Balance Project

Visually describing the different balance concepts + Half-a-Face

Week 6/7:  Pattern Assignment – Directional Forces

Week 7/8: Color Theory

Color Wheel & Color Studies Handouts

Logo Design

Clothing Design – Group Project

Week 9: Perspective   

Illuminati Pyramid – Group Project

Mid-Term Exam

Week 10/11:  Proportion

Divine Proportion, Rule of Thirds

iZombie Halloween Poster or Magazine

Week 12:             Dominance/Subordination – Presidential Campaign

Design Political Advertisement materials – Group project

Week 13/14:  Contrast – 2012 Maya Calendar

Contrast the light and dark of the world’s end from the Mayan Calendar



Conceptualizing the book’s theme into art and synopsis

Week 17/18:  Finish up & Final Exam

            Elements of Design Test

Hello World and Contreras!

Welcome one and all to Mr. MB’s (Mr. Middlebrook) chill Graphic Design Class!  We’re just starting out so I’ll be listing all the latest assignments.  Be careful and don’t miss one.

Let me say, I feel very welcomed here at Contreras by the Social Justice Academy.  You students, staff, and administrators are all so awesome and I feel very fortunate to be teaching here.  So lets make it a really good year!

Good Luck!