Transform yourself into an animal with Photoshop.

  1. Have a portrait photo taken of you by someone in class. Use this new photo.
  2. Make sure you look straight at the camera. If your face is turned you’ll have to spend extra time making it look real.
  3. Make sure your face is lit evenly.
  4. Put it in Photoshop. Work directly off your photo this time.
  5. Find a high quality image of an animal’s face online. Make sure that is at the same angle as your face. Best results are when you look straight in the camera and find an animal’s that is the same.
  6. Watch the tutorial below or Google others.
  7. Blend the animal’s face onto yours by using the new techniques in the video and some you’ve learned already.


Make it convincing.  The blending must look realistic.

You must use your face.

Extra Credit:

Title it

Watch these tutorials on how to make you an animal.

You’ll like this fun project.  It shows how to make a Snake Face in the first half and a Tiger Face in the second.

This one is the best one to watch.

Or this one which is a little more complicated but superior.


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