Design an APP for mobile and computer use   The APP can be for a game, music, photos, social networking, etc.  Make is something real or at least a prank.

This is a group assignment so join one.

1 APP per 2 students, 2 Apps for 3 (short version), 2 Apps for 4, 3 for 5+ Students

Each Student must have:

Brainstorm Sheet (5 pts)

  • Members (Must be listed on a Brainstorm sheet to get credit.)
  • Name of APP
  • What does it do
  • Sketch or Logo ideas

Description and Marketing Handout (10pts)

Filled out and completed

Design Artwork (for each 2 students)  20 points

–       Icons and Avatars (Facebook)

–       Title Page with Logos

–       User Interface Design of the Main Screen

–       Look and color scheme

–       Characters (mostly for games/extra credit points )

Presentation Participation (10 points)

Projected Gallery

DUE:  Friday March 5


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