Graphic Design and Digital Media Syllabus

Arty is an Artosaurus from the Post Modern Period. He happily gives art advice whenever asked.

Graphic Design & Digital Imaging


Mr. Middlebrook

Fall Semester 2012 

Week 1:  Course Introduction – Procedures, Expectations

Drawing Exercises:  Makin’ Bacon

Week 2/3:  Elements of Design & Principles of Art

Lecture, Drawing Exercises – Lines, Shapes, Perspective

Handouts: Design Elements & Art Principals

Design Project TBA

            Book Cover Design – Start reading!

Assign computers & Photoshop – Introduction

Week 4:  FIDM Presentation

Graphic assignment

Week 5:  Values & Balance Project

Visually describing the different balance concepts + Half-a-Face

Week 6/7:  Pattern Assignment – Directional Forces

Week 7/8: Color Theory

Color Wheel & Color Studies Handouts

Logo Design

Clothing Design – Group Project

Week 9: Perspective   

Illuminati Pyramid – Group Project

Mid-Term Exam

Week 10/11:  Proportion

Divine Proportion, Rule of Thirds

iZombie Halloween Poster or Magazine

Week 12:             Dominance/Subordination – Presidential Campaign

Design Political Advertisement materials – Group project

Week 13/14:  Contrast – 2012 Maya Calendar

Contrast the light and dark of the world’s end from the Mayan Calendar



Conceptualizing the book’s theme into art and synopsis

Week 17/18:  Finish up & Final Exam

            Elements of Design Test


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